Art A-Z: E – Eropkin Petr

Petr Mikhaylovich Eropkin (1689, Moscow – 1740, Saint-Petersburg) – architect.

Born to a family of noble but poor family. From 1716 to 1724 studied architecture in Italy.

Since 1725 participated in construction of Petergof. Since 1735 took part in previously suspended construction of Aleksandr Nevskiy Lavra. In the 30th years of the XVIII century made a number of houses for Russian noblemen.

Eropkin was the author of the first perspective plan of Saint-Petersburg.

In 1740, Russian empress Anna Ioanovna decided to organise wedding for her buffoons, and Eropken designed Ice House on Neva river in Saint-Petersburg, where the ceremony took place (see the picture up).

Eropkin was one of the first theorists of architecture in Russia and was considered one the most educated persons of his time. He translated several parts of A.Palladio’s famous book “About architecture” into Russian.

Was accused of conspiracy and executed.

Interesting Fact

In Moscow you can find Eropkinskiy lane, which was named after Petr Eropkin’s relative, Petr Dmitrievich Eropkin, Russian statesman.



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