Art A-Z: D – Dobuzhinsky Mstislav

Mstislav Valerianovich Dobuzhinsky (1875, Novgorod – 1957, New-York) – painter, illustrator, decorator.

Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Saint-Petersburg University (1895-1899). Attended Painting School of Peredvizhniki, continued studies at Azbe’s and Holloshi’s workshops in Munich.

Klaipeda, 1934

Collaborated with satirical reviews. In 1902, Dobuzhinsky became a member of Mir Iskusstva (World of Art) fellowship, where he became one of leaders.

Dobuzhinsky early works are marked by influence of Munich’s modern and symbolism. Unlike his fellows in Mir Iskusstva, Dobuzhinsky’s image of a modern city is not romantic, it is full of inner drama (The man in spectacles. Portrait of Sunenberg, 1905-1906, see up)


As many other famous Russian painters of the beginning of the XX century, he actively work in theatre. At the same time,  he gained fame as fine book illustrator, capable to portray psycological depth of a book. He also made post cards and stamps.

In 1924, Dobuzhinsky left the Soviet Union and lived in France, England and the USA. He continued his career of theatre decorator. He made decorations for performances in Paris, Brussels, London, New-York.


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