Art A-Z: U – Ushakov Simon

Simon Fedorovich Ushakov (1626, Moscow – 1686, Moscow) – painter. One of the most prominent masters of  late Russian medieval art.

Ushakov’s style influenced official icon-painting and was in force until the XIX century. His manner was a compromise between ancient Russian style and perspective European painting.

“Honorable icon-painter” of the Arms Chamber. In 1664 – 1686, he was the head of icon-painting workshop, monitored all icon-painting in the country. In 1648- 1664, Ushakov was making designs for utensil, jewellery, embroidery, etc for Gold and Silver Chambers. He created miniatures as well.

Ushakov was the first painter who gained status of nobleman for his activity.

One of the most famous Ushakov’s work is The Planting the Tree of Russian State, which portrays tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich with his family and demonstrates important secular and ecclesiastic persons of Russian history.

Ushakov painted icons for many churches in Moscow, including the Dormition Cathedral and the Cathedral of the Archangel in the Kremlin.

древо 2.jpg
The Planting the Tree of Russian State, 1668


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