Art A-Z: D – Deineka Aleksandr

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Deineka (1899, Kursk – 1969, Moscow) – painter, illustrator, sculptor.

After studies at Vkhutemas (Art and technical school), he started his career as illustrator at several journals and author of posters. At the same time he made first steps in panel painting, which was influenced by his experience as illustrator.

His favourite subjects were industrialisation, work and leisure of Soviet people, sport.

Defense of Petrograd, 1927

Monumental forms, expression, dynamics, clarity and brightness of colours are the typical traits of Deineka’s style.

Baseball, 1935

Famous works:

  • Panels for Soviet Pavilion at World Exhibition in Paris, 1937
  • 35 mosaics for Mayakovskaya station, 1938


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Art A-Z: C – Chechulin Dmitry

Dmitry Nikolaevich Chechulin (1901, Shostka – 1981, Moscow) – architect.

Born to a family of workers, he widely supported Revolution of 1917. At the beginning of career worked as decorator at theatre and circus, painted portraits and landscapes, made sculptors.

White House, 1970

After the Great Patriotic War he became senior architect of Moscow (1945 – 1949) and seriously influenced the look of the city. He supported construction of skyscrapers in Moscow (7 sisters), and was one of the authors of famous building on Kotelnicheskaya embankment (1948 – 1953).

Station Komsomolskaya radial (1935)

Chechulin made several projects for Moscow’s Metro and VDNKh (Exhibition of achievements of National Economy). Among the most interesting projects:

  • Metro station Komsomolskaya – radial (1935)
  • Reconstruction of Chaykovskiy Concert Hall (1940)
  • Hotel “Rossiya” (1967 – 1970) (destroyed)
  • Building of government, “White House” (1970)


  • People’s architect of the USSR (1971)
  • Hero of socialistic labour (1976)
  • State award of the USSR (1941, 1949, 1953)

Author of a book “Life and architecture”.


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