Art A-Z: T – Talashkino

Talashkino – village and estate in Smolensk region, one of art and enlightenment centers of Russia.

Talashkino was bought in 1893 by philanthropist, collector and artist Maria Tenisheva.

Tenisheva made a lot of efforts to attract famous painters, sculptors and architect to the estate. Unlike Abramtsevo, Talashkino didn’t become center of unanimous artistic fellowship, but such artists as M.Vrubel, K.Korovin, I,Repin, N. Rerikh, S.Malyutin worked there. Though like Abramtsevo circle, Talashkino praised romantic Russian style.

церковь фленово
Church in Flenovo, paintings were made by Rerikh in 1910s, architect – S.Malyutin

One of Talashkino’s goals was to restore traditional Russian crafts, a large collection of embroidery, carved wooden items, fabrics, clothes, utensils were gathered there. Since 1900, Tenisheva organised in Talashkino workshops of carving, embroidery and ceramics, where craftsmen from neighbouring villages worked. But professional artists like Vrubel and Rerikh also worked there. Workshops’ products were many time exhibited in Russia and abroad.

фленово интер.jpg
Interior of Teremok (see exterior up)





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